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Prior to exploring my passion for alternative medicine, (with a degree in Sociology and English) I found a career as a casting director I worked across theatre, television and film for many years.


A ‘life bump’ saw me re-evaluate where I was headed and acupuncture became an obvious path. It had three elements that worked as a new career. The first, was I had been receiving acupuncture as a patient for many years and I believed it was both beneficial and effective. The second, my childhood dream of becoming a doctor didn’t materialize due to my lack of finesse at maths and being ‘bad with blood’. The final reason was that I was drawn to casting because I have a genuine interest in other people. I love hearing people’s stories, helping them achieve their best and making a connection so swapping auditions for Chinese meridians seemed a good fit.


I am a fully qualified traditional acupuncturist completing three years of degree level study, at The Acupuncture Academy. I was awarded a Professional Licentiate in Acupuncture gaining a distinction. I have been in practice for over 8 years.


My three-year training was extensive and covered all aspects of Chinese medical and acupuncture theory with the focus on Five Element Theory. We also studied units on Western bio-medicine.


In 2019 I was chosen for a sponsored program to advance my skills in TCM acupuncture and attended a study program at Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine in Harbin, China.


In June 2020 I was the co- founder and clinical director of a project that provided acupuncture for the NHS to help them cope with their extreme workload experienced due to the COVID pandemic. For an entire year we were able to run a very successful low-cost clinic with an over 80% reported improvement rate. We treated over 250 local NHS patients, performing more than 750 individual treatments. Our project was published in the international publication The Journal of Chinese Medicine in Oct 2020.


I have been asked to present on four expert panels for acupuncturists reporting my observations on treating Long Covid.


The last two years I led the acupuncture team in a new integrated health program to help long term NHS trauma patients.


My passion is to champion the successful integration of Eastern and Western medicine.

Back Pain - Dr J. K

"I initially started seeing Cara for back pain. However her holistic approach was invaluable to me in unlocking a lot of stress and anxiety I was carrying. I definitely noticed improvements in both after each session I had. She is brilliant and knowledgeable in what she does and I highly recommend her."

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