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Grief effects everyone at some time with varying complexities. It has an ongoing metamorphosis and sometimes it can get stuck within our system and causes other issues aside from the obvious sadness.


Grief does not always mean the loss of another person. It can also be defined as loss of a relationship, a limb, a job and or an identity. Amazingly, Five Element acupuncture has protocols and points which are especially used to assist the moving on process.


The Chinese really do think of everything.




The wonderfully warm comic Cariad Lloyd is no stranger to the issue of grief- loosing her father as a teen. She has a really touching, funny and realistic podcast called ‘Grief Cast.’ She interviews other comics about their experience with loss. Not only is it refreshing to hear people’s stories of their interior lives- it’s something we need to encourage a dialogue about.


Article on ‘Grief Cast’


Joan Didion is one of America’s iconic writers and she has experienced an unfair amount of grief in a short span of time. She was brave and articulate enough to write two of these accounts in stories. ‘The Year of Magical Thinking’ and ‘Blue Nights’.


I have read ‘Magical Thinking’ and found it hugely relatable and authentic. It helps the grieving feel less isolated in their feelings ( some of which are very strange indeed and it is a relief to have them echoed by Didion so well). Here is a review of her works in this field. Guardian review of Didion.


Sheryl Sandberg did an excellent desert island discs . It covered a number of topics but she provided  an honest opening about suddenly loosing her husband who was aged 47.

Sheryl Sandberg Desert Island Discs


Surgeon Paul Kalanithi was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in 2013. He wrote an exceptional account of his feelings, fears and hopes for a future without him in it. It is very moving and told with such warmth and understanding. It helped me gain a perspective on how people can live on after they die. It was postumously published in 2016 to critical acclaim.

The ex professional footballer Rio Ferdinand lost his young wife Rebecca to breast cancer in early 2015. They have three young children. The BBC produced a brave and raw documentary on the subject called ‘Rio Ferdinand: Being Mum and Dad’. It may still be available in some formats.


The comedian and actor Rob Delaney lost his young son aged 2. He has taken to speaking publicly about his families’ grief and how they are dealing with the loss.

Rob Delaney Grief Independent Article
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