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The Three G’s are Gluten, Gut, and Glyphosate.


If you think something funky is going on in your body and suspect it might be gluten- read on.


I am very interested in ‘functional medicine’ and listening to some heavily researched ideologies about the autoimmune system and specifically gluten. In this Harvard Study ‘every human’ was reported to get intestinal permeability to gluten. The symptoms of this may not manifest in just your stomach alone.



Listen to this ‘enthusiastic’ podcast from the Urban Monk with  Dr. Tom O ‘Bryan. It seems a bit out there but you can’t deny the science.


Ironically the inventors of the Big Mac are ahead in this revolution on how to heal yourself through diet. Warning there are some F-bombs dropped with passion in this podcast.



Below is a book link to a recommended program for restoring gut health and reducing inflammation. A number of my patients have completed this with excellent results. I like it because it's reasonably simple and short ( 3 weeks)  and Dr. Junger is a Western medico who sees the benefit in healing the gut and therefore many chronic issues.


It is easily adaptable to your budget and lifestyle- ie no need to take all of the advised supplements or go to a sauna every day. The basic program is sound enough to make a difference. Smoothies are go.


Oh, dear-Glyphosate is a complete gut nightmare. It’s on/in far more foods than we would realize but do not panic.
There is a link below to an informative podcast by the dedicated Alexx Stuart on the effects of glyphosate, the latest studies, and the theory of PREVENTATIVE MEDICINE- yes people PREVENTATIVE. This is an ironic concept in the West, we tend to get serious only when something goes wrong and then fight uphill to make it better.


If you take small steps to look after yourself with diet, exercise, avoiding chemicals et al, and things like ACUPUNCTURE, meditation, massage/pilates yoga, chiropractic, and osteopathy you can repair the ‘house’ before it falls down. A little DIY on yourself goes a long way.


Rich Roll is an American vegan powerhouse super tri-athlete. He looks insanely good for 52. He has a podcast that does really push a vegan agenda but if you like a good steak on occasion  ( like me) don’t be put off. He is not veganist.  Roll interviews some of the best alternative health practitioners and doctors and has 100’s of topics in his podcast library.


This one with Dr. Robynne Chutkan is long- two hours (come in around 15 mins at the beginning) but it's relevant if you have anything like IBS, Crohns, bloating, depressed immunity (and depression in itself), or unexplained things with your gut.

Warning there is some chat about fecal stool transplants so perhaps don’t listen to it over lunch. Overall the information is clear and saves you a few hours of having to read a book to get the same knowledge on the microbiome.

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