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Depression & Anxiety

Depression is a very common illness in modern society. There are great resources out there and a lot of positive  evidence about recovery, hope and management of symptoms.

This is the beginning of a list that will become lengthy. I am in the process of reading and researching to bring a variety of resources on the subject.


In clinic I have seen some fantastic recovery cases with acupuncture alone or as a combination with other alternative methods and or medications. Everyone is different and treating holistically allows that flexibility.




Matt Haig has written a brilliant first hand account of his experience/management of depression and anxiety. It’s funny without a shred of being either earnest nor patronizing. He is honest and clear about the complexities of living with the disease and how it effects all associated.

He also proves that someone suffering for long periods can achieve success and happiness within that. He has nailed it.

Fearne Cotton has a great podcast called ‘Happy Place’ where she interviews interesting people on various topics, centred around mental health. Fearne has had a history of panic attacks herself. She interviews Matt Haig here and they talk about their experiences.


Ruby Wax has written a number of books on mental health from a personal perspective and  completed a masters at Oxford in mindfulness. Aside from her academic credentials she also built a sterling comedy career and raised a family. Any of this is impressive -but she has achieved all of this living with bi-polar. ( I really need to sharpen my bucket list in comparison.)

She is warm and light, self deprecating with practical applications. I have read ‘Sane New World’ and it has great stories but also easy exercises to get you out of your head and into your body.  Here is a review about the book written by a depressive. Review Sane New World


Marian Keyes is a ridiculously successful writer and known for her light hearted  and happy go lucky persona. This has not always been the case and her story involves alcoholism, depression and recovery. She twinkles with warmth in this interview with Kirsty on Desert Island Discs.

Marian Keyes Desert Island Discs

In this recent podacst, my favourite Spice Girl, Melanie C speaks candidly about her own bouts of depression and how she recovered. It is definitely worth noting that both Mel and Fearne both value five element acupuncture as one of the tools they use to stay balanced especially in managing their mental health.


The link below is to a very interesting podcast from Dr Rangan Chatterjee’s ‘Feel Better Live More’ series. He interviews Professor Edward Bullimore who has been a leader in the research on why we become depressed. The recent research is linking it directly with stress but also the gut brain connection and inflammation in the body. His theory completely resonates with acupuncture. Finding the root cause of the depression and then treating it accordingly. All types of depression are not from the same source.  (I have further information on gut health in these resources).



Fearne is at it again. This time with the bright and honest Bryony Gordon who is an author and journalist. Bryony has been very open with her on-going struggle with mental health and speaks with positivity LOTS OF SWEARING and generally makes a huge amount of sense. She ran two marathons, one in her undies as a means for her to stay on the recovery track.

She’s written a book about her experiences called ‘Mad Girl.’







Below is the latest information on clinical studies related to how effective acupuncture is for anxiety.

Clinical Studies of the Effectiveness of Acupuncture on Anxiety

Dr Chatterjee continues on his quest to make health more accessible with this really fascinating podcast with Australian researcher Felice Jacka. Prof Jacka has found proven links through clinical trials  on how  diet and depression  are interwoven. The two studies found improving your diet has a huge impact on recovery from mental health disorders. She provides clear positive information that is based around an inexpensive mediterrean diet. Who needs an excuse to eat more olives?!

Fearne Cotton interviews Australian journalist and author Sarah Wilson ( who features also on my autoimmune page with her book ‘I Quit Sugar’) who recently wrote a book called ‘First We Make the Beast Beautiful‘ about her own struggles with anxiety. They both speak frankly on the subject of how to manage anxiety in this podcast.


Sarah Wilson on Anxiety


No suprises the main contributor here is Dr Chatterjee and this podcast is with the very honest and brave Johann Hari who is making waves in the health world with his book ‘Lost Connections: Why You are Depressed and How to Find Hope?

A brilliant conversation about depression as an epidemic and how to manage it for good.

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