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The new wave of medicine is all about prevention. Therefore a solution for taking the edge off the stresses of modern life can be meditation.  It is proven to help with anxiety and depression.


Lifestyle medicine is all about forming habits and resting your brain is ‘sleep mode’ for your internal hard drive.

I know -it’s hard, it seems too hippy, it seems intimidating, it’s sometimes a bit confronting (and no you don’t have to sit in the mist at the edge of a lake at dawn - I needed a picture…..)




It’s not the 1970’s anymore so meditation is now ‘less kaftan and incense’ and more available on apps Headspace and ‘10% Happier‘.  I confess I dabble and when I meditate my mind is NEVER blank, or even remotely like a lotus flower, but despite this I feel it still really works. The positive effects of meditation are not fake news it’s a ‘sciencey’ fact.


Here is a podcast by the great guys in my homeland at Slow Your Home. It’s a non intimidating practical story about a regular Joe ( his name is Kevin actually) who turned his serious anxiety around with meditation.



Someone I like and relate to is Dan Harris. He is behind 10% Happier and is a news anchor in the US with an interesting back story as how he discovered mediation. He is self deprecating and witty and talks about meditation in real terms, the struggle and the rewards. He is not an obvious meditator and I think that is why he appeals. He has his own podcast and written two books, which I have read 10 % Happier How I Tamed the Voices in my Head and Reduced Stress without Loosing my Edge.


He talks to The Minimalists about meditation in a practical sense, it’s not all about orange robes and karma.



This is a podcast from Low Tox Life which is also an Australian resource. The entire site has recipes and advice for cutting chemicals in your personal care and cleaning products and loads of podcasts on well being topics. It a well researched and collated if you are into that sort of thing.


Alexx interviews Tom Cronin who is also like Dan Harris using a realistic approach to meditation. Come in around 5 minutes if you want to skip the ads.


This is the latest podcast from ‘Slow Your Home’ a discussion with Elise Bialyew an expert on mindfulness practices. Aside from sounding like a really down-to-earth person, Elise talks about the research studies that have proven that mindfulness DOES impact your ability to deal with the day-to-day. She also has a non-dogmatic about the human failings of dropping the ball on mind health.

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