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The Chinese Are Ahead of the Curve Fighting Covid 19- How to use Acupressure at Home

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

The Most Recent Studies Coming Out of China

As you all know I have a sizeable soft spot for the Chinese and so far it seems their response to the containment of the virus has been extremely effective. Time will tell how humanity has individually and collectively worked together to fight this. China's stats are looking positive at the moment.

This is not an ‘us against them situation- this is an opportunity for us to band together and share knowledge. In my opinion, health is our most vital commodity, especially in this climate, and whilst worldwide economies tank it is good to remember that generosity costs us nothing.

The China studies evidence of how Chinese medicine prevented the spread by boosting the immunity of individuals and treating Covid in its various stages. All the protocols have been published internationally.

My previous blog about my study trip to China published on the 1st of March has now appeared to be indeed, timely. I discuss how the Chinese roll out acupuncture to treat the masses and my deep interest in finding a way to fully integrate it into the NHS. I am hoping now is the exact time this can be utilized. (Read the blog here.)

Immunity Points You Can Do At Home.

In the absence of your one-to-one sessions with your practitioner, we have acupressure instead. I’ve been trying to call it acuPENture. I thought that quite an inventive moniker.

You will need either your fingers (but they can get tired from pressing) or a round-ended pen like the one pictured. Using the writing bit of the pen is the wrong end ( we aren’t tattooing here, there are professionals for that.)


St 36 is the ultimate powerhouse for immunity and the Number One acupuncture point used worldwide. It is reasonably easy to locate.

If you put your hand on the left-hand corner of the bottom part of your kneecap and use four fingers width from there as the picture indicates, just underneath the pinkie finger is a natural corner or a dip. This area will feel tender (quite obviously compared to the other flesh around the point). Then place the rounded end of the pen with mild pressure – enough to feel an engagement or tenderness in the spot. Rest for a minute. Then re-apply for 30 seconds- on both legs.


Lu 7 is used very widely to ward off infections like colds and flu that invade the lungs. It opens the chest and moistens the throat.

You will definitely know when you have located it as it always feels tender. There is a little notch on the side of your wrist ( thumb side) about two thumbs distance from the wrist crease- Lu 7 is just underneath the nobly bit on the wrist and then over about about an index finger width.

Same us above two x 30 seconds pressure with the pen or your finger, on both wrists. The sensation should be that of a dull ache.


Ki 7 is the Metal point on the Kidney channel so it has qualities that generate a good circle of energy. It’s also excellent at reducing fear which we are all feeling at the moment.

About two thumbs above the high part of the ankle bone (on the inside ankle) in the very obvious muscle groove between the bone and the muscle- just shy of the outer edge of the muscle.


PC 6 is the best point to balance the body and mind if people are feeling quite anxious. It's famous for bringing calm. I usually advise patients to get the sea sickness bands and place the bobble bit on this point if feeling quite anxious. Pc 6 is also excellent for morning sickness too.

Three fingers from the wrist crease in what we call 'the railway track' tendons- you might need to make a fist to see them and then it is in between them.

What Else Can I Do to Boost Immunity?

  • Take vitamin supplements if you have access and can afford them. Vitamin C, a good probiotic ( over 20 million- quality ones you usually have to keep in the fridge) Vitamin D if you aren’t able to get enough sunshine ( about 20 mins) from outside opportunities .B12 is excellent all round.

  • With your diet do try and get all the colours of the rainbow from fruit and veg. You might need to get creative here but a wide variety of coloured vegetables is the key to a good microbiome.

  • I know -sugar and alcohol feel good at the moment ( well a lot of the time) but the boring and true fact is they are not our immune system’s welcome bedfellows so lay off that whole bottle of gin and entire packet of Jaffa cakes. You get the idea.

  • Me being a party pooper continues. Its a fools errand to smoke in a worldwide pandemic that requires ventilators. Use this time to quit.

  • The man of the hour is Dr Rangan Chatterjee. He has been talking about lifestyle medicine for a very long time and is the champion of the cause. He has incredibly well researched and informative guests on his podcasts covering a range of useful areas. His books are also full of excellent tips to reduce stress. You’ve got time -check him out you will thank me. His site is here.

  • I also have a tonne of resources available on my website on topics from anxiety to women’s health – the link is here.

Stay safe, stay inside and remember to be in touch with people - don’t self isolate your soul.

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