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Thyroid Issues and Auto Immune Conditions


The thyroid is an incredibly important gland that keeps the endocrine system in operation. Thyroid function is essential to your whole system. The two most publicized types are hypo and hyper thyroiditis. The lesser known hashimotos thyroid ( much more commonly  recognised in the US)  is often undiagnosed by NHS standard testing and causes many of the same symptoms.

It is more common for functional doctors to run tests on  thyroid antibodies and then diagnose and treat hashimotos. If you are always tired, have recurrent infections and have auto immune symptoms with no diagnosis this is something to consider.

I have listed some resources on how to find out more.Acupuncuture and thyroid disease reasearch.


Kelly Brogan is a thyroid genius. She believes in the holistic approach but also medication where needed. Her style is balanced and easy to understand.

Kelly Brogan Website

Kelly Brogan Book

Kelly’s book has some great links with thyroid imbalance and depression which often mask each other so do not get diagnosed correctly.

Below is a podcast from Live to 110 which is a good general alternative health resource. Luke provides a good explanation of the common issues with the disease, options for treatment and how to think outside the box.

Luke Pryor discusses hasimotos protocol

I do not know enough about paleo diets so I am not endorsing them or equally saying they are not a solution for some people.  Generally lowering  your intake of grains is recommended by many functional doctors in dealing with hashimotos. This podcast also talks about how many times Elle was misdiagnosed and how she eventually uncovered a diagnosis and her road back to health.

Elle Russ on paleo and thyroid

The two at the ‘ The Ultimate Health Podcast‘  attract the cream of the health crop on as guests so it’s something you should look at if this is your type of thing.

Sarah Wilson is known for her book ‘I Quit Sugar’. She also suffers from hashimotos thyroid and explains in this podcast the importance of reducing sugar for everyone but particularly in relation to combating auto immune disease.

Sarah Wilson on sugar and hashimotos

The other guru in this field is Damon Gameau with his brilliant documentary called ‘That Sugar Film’ which ended up becoming a revolution. The film is available on various outlets and he and his wife Zoe have an informative website with blogs, recipes and no fuss advice. He’s an old mate of mine from the ‘showbiz’ days when we both categorically did not adhere to any of our current advice.

That Sugar Film

Below is a 15 minute piece on the podcaster’s own diagnosis with hashimotos. It’s informative as she talks about the tests you need to ask for which are not widely known about in the UK- functional doctors are likely to ( but generally expensive)  but if you need to speak to your NHS GP its good to go in with specific requests that they can follow up.

The tests you need to know about to diagnose hashimotos