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We Are Awesome Folow Us


We Are Awesome Folow Us
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Additional Testimonials

Energy and Insomnia

I started acupuncture treatment about three years ago, after suffering from insomnia for about 6 years. I have always been reluctant to mask the problem with heavy sleeping tablets, and from my first appointment with Cara I really felt she understood I was looking for a long- term solution, not a quick fix.  I first noticed improvements to my energy levels, feeling rested and awake rather than jet lagged and groggy, shortly followed by a regulated sleep pattern. She has not only relieved my insomnia but helped my stress levels, treated chest infections and improved my overall well being. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Anna, 33

Migraine Sufferer

Alongside severe endometriosis ( read DG’s endo success story here) I suffer from both extreme migraines and terrible bouts of insomnia, which can sometimes mean that I have a maximum of 3 1/2 hours sleep a night for a week (or longer) at a time. I have difficulty getting to sleep and, if I wake up, find it hard to return to a restful sleep.  This can of have a detrimental effect upon the rest of my life (including exacerbating migraine symptoms). Cara has addressed these through treatment. Afterwards, I feel much more relaxed and am able to sleep for at least 6 hours on the following nights, which is wonderful!  I believe Cara to be an excellent practitioner and I have learnt about how Five Element  theory is applied – I am now more aware of how my body works. I am so glad that I made the decision to see her for treatment, it has been a wonderful experience.

DG, 41

Knee Recovery

I am an avid lawn bowler and over the last few years have sustained a few niggles. I first saw Cara for an ankle injury and it cleared very quickly and I resumed play. I was impressed.  This season I had some trouble with my knee and Cara was able to reduce swelling and   I regained  mobility with another swift recovery. Acupuncture has been a simple solution for me to problems that can take a long time to resolve on their own.

Jim, 74


I cannot recommend Cara highly enough!  I suffer from PCOS and hadn’t had my period for two years. Doctors told me there was nothing they could do without medication.  Two weeks after my first appointment with Cara and they were back and I was feeling healthier again.  A total revelation!  I had heard good reports about acupuncture but nothing prepared me for this result. I have also found it to be excellent at relieving stress and insomnia.  Cara puts you at ease immediately. She is totally professional and clearly very talented. I feel brighter and more relaxed after every appointment.

Abi, 37