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Can I have acupuncture on medication?

Yes. It is entirely safe and still has an impact on the system. Some patients with complex conditions need to stay on their prescriptions.  Acupuncture is often very effective in reducing side effects that occur taking some medications.

Do I need to continue if I get better?

As you improve I taper the treatment plan to allow bigger gaps between sessions to see how the body is adjusting. When the condition is resolved or much more manageable, seasonal treatments are recommended to keep the body from returning to its negative patterns. Everyone is  different but this is a general gauge for the majority of patients. Think of it as your personal MOT.

How many treatments will I need?

This is a hard question to answer because acupuncture is a tailored treatment that works holistically on a personal case without medication. Some people resolve things in as little as three treatments. Patients with chronic conditions tend to take longer.

A general rule of thumb is that within five treatments something should have changed in your overall pattern. It may not be the primary symptom but a return to energy, better digestion, increased sleep or an ability to deal with stress or emotion.

Is it safe to have acupuncture during pregnancy?

Absolutely. I treat many women for issues with fertility and they stay on throughout their pregnancy and use acupuncture in place of medical inductions ( in consultation with a midwife). Acupuncture is useful in treating associated issues during pregnancy like morning sickness, sciatica, heartburn and fatigue.

Moxibustion is well documented for turning breech babies.