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We Are Awesome Folow Us


We Are Awesome Folow Us

Covid Safety Protocols

We have to take Covid 19 seriously so I have made some major adjustments to how your appointment is conducted. I have cross referenced Safe Guidanc formulated from treating NHS staff  during lockdown and using the British Acupuncture Council’s safe practices. As an added precaution I have reduced the number of appointments I offer each week to keep us both safe.

New Rules

  • Face to face consultations will be risk assessed to ensure the potential contagion between patient and practitioner is considered  low risk before an ‘in-person’ treatment is offered. The appointment is now broken into ‘video consult’  (ideally done between a few hours or up to  24 hours) before ‘in person’ treatments. You will book two time slots  – one for the zoom one for the’ in person’ treatment.
  • Face masks must be worn by both patient and practitioner throughout the appointment.
  • Close contact time should be kept to a minimum- 15 minutes is the advised time limit. I have adapted my treatment methods to good effect so you will still get the same results from treatment.
  • Extra treatment modalities such as massage , gua- sha and moxa won’t be offered at this time.
  • Every  patient will be screened for potential Covid symptoms  before each face to face appointment.

How It Works

  • The waiting area is closed to my patients, you will need to wait in the car or outside the clinic till I call you in.
  • You will be temperature checked before you can come into the clinic with a thermal thermometer at a distance.
  • I will be wearing scrubs that I change into on arrival at the start of each clinic session.
  • We will both wash our hands before the treatment.
  • I will be wearing  a surgical-grade fluid resistant face mask (IIR). Please bring your own mask. If you do not have one I can provide one for you. I will have visors too as an optional extra.
  • Please wear very loose and easy access clothing- the less that needs to be taken off the better.
  • Please bring your own blanket if you get cold and your own water bottle- umbrella if raining.
  • I will be leaving the room for 15 mins to allow you to rest whilst the needles are in, you will have a bell to use should you feel the need.
  • The room will be aerated for 15 mins and cleaned between each patient, with anti bac and anti viral sprays.

It may seem a bit daunting at first but I can assure you it is still me behind the mask and I have been working like this for over a month so have the whole routine down to an art.