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A Little About Me


Prior to exploring my passion for alternative medicine, (with a degree in Sociology and English) I found a career in the entertainment industry as a casting director.  Specializing in theatre, television and film for many years. A ‘life bump’ saw me re-evaluate where I was headed and acupuncture became the obvious answer as something that could complement my existing work culture.

I had been in treatment myself for a few years and experienced  great results.  Being a natural skeptic, ( all good scientists should be), I was intrigued how all my symptoms resolved without any medication. Simply, some tiny needles placed in my  back and feet caused a shift in my body.  This new interest in acupuncture related to a childhood dream of becoming a doctor : this was quashed by my ‘thing’ with fainting and blood. I cannot even get a blood test without a drama, therefore acupuncture was the perfect solution.

Some do not see the obvious correlation between the career choices yet I believe in essence that they share the same skill set: a genuine interest in other people. I love hearing people’s stories, helping them achieve their best and making a connection. I also revel in research and investigation and the body is a sophisticated being. Getting to know someone is the best way to figure out how to treat their symptoms.


Everyone always asks how five element acupuncture works in a theoretical sense. It’s complicated and difficult to really put into a nutshell (since it’s over two millenia of theory and wisdom) but here is an attempt in three paragraphs.

So the symptom you are experiencing (whether that is: headache, infertility, anxiety, exhaustion, back pain, frozen shoulder, insomnia, digestive issues etc) is the body trying to communicate that it is out of balance and needs some assistance in functioning at it’s best.

Five Element theory treats the cause of the disease, which allows your body to restore  to an optimum level of health. This means treating the issue at its source and not just suppressing the symptoms e.g say you suffer from recurrent headaches taking a few nurofen means the pain subsides for a period but it returns when it is no longer suppressed by the medication.

Practitioners tailor individual treatments based on the theory of nature. By selecting points relevant to the patient’s imbalance ( eg headache can be within the Wood element)  the body’s natural ability to heal is activated. Patients often resolve their original complaint and receive the benefit of being able to perform at higher levels e.g. improved energy, better sleep, elevated mood or in the case of chronic disease the ability to maintain the condition with more ease.

Five element suits me because of my interest in people:  everyone’s system and own experience are unique and I factor this into the diagnosis and treatment. I enjoy piecing together a puzzle.

In my experience this holistic approach can provide some excellent and honestly sometimes astonishing results, assisting the patient to experience an enhanced quality of life.

Who doesn’t want to spring out of bed in the morning?


I  am a fully qualified traditional acupuncturist completing three years of degree level study, at The Acupuncture Academy. I was awarded a Professional Licentiate in Acupuncture gaining a distinction.

I am both a member of the British Acupuncture Council and the Professional Standards Authority and have full medical malpractice and public/products liability insurance cover.

My three-year training was extensive and covered all aspects of Chinese medical and acupuncture theory with the focus on Five Element Theory. We also studied units on Western bio -medicine.

The Western medical arm is particularly useful providing a background to many conditions, the side effects of medications and working with a GP or specialist to achieve the desired result.

I was recently chosen  for a sponsored program to advance my skills in TCM  style acupuncture and attended Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine in China.

In June 2020 I was the co founder of a clinic that provides acupuncture for the NHS to help them cope with their extreme workload experienced due to the COVID pandemic.

My passion is to see the successful integration of  Eastern and Western medicine.

Please contact me below to discuss how I can help.


Anxiety and Binge Eating

I came to Cara looking for help regarding my impulsive eating and anxiety. I had been on SSRI's for a long time in the hope of controlling the impulsive craving issues . From the outset Cara explained how the sessions should help me and we both worked together to achieve my current outcome : freedom from my binge eating , the associated guilt as well as a much more controlled impulses. We managed this in less than 6 sessions I am so happy to have found Cara and now I visit her just for seasonal treatments, to keep myself in balance. I would recommend her to anyone looking for an alternative way to harmonise the body with the mind.

Tina, 36

Migraine Sufferer

Alongside severe endometriosis ( story in Women's Reproductive health resources) I suffer from both  extreme migraines and terrible bouts of insomnia, which can sometimes mean that I have a maximum of 3 1/2 hours sleep a night for a week (or longer) at a time. I have difficulty getting to sleep and, if I wake up, find it hard to return to a restful sleep.  This can of have a detrimental effect upon the rest of my life (including exacerbating migraine symptoms). Cara has addressed these through treatment. Afterwards, I feel much more relaxed and am able to sleep for at least 6 hours on the following nights, which is wonderful! I believe Cara to be an excellent practitioner and I have learnt about how Five Element  theory is applied - I am now more aware of how my body works. I am so glad that I made the decision to see her for treatment, it has been a wonderful experience and I will continue to visit Cara to help me manage my symptoms.


Sports Recovery

I am an avid lawn bowler and over the last few years have sustained a few niggles. I first saw Cara for an ankle injury and it cleared very quickly and I resumed play. I was impressed. This season I had some trouble with my knee and Cara was able to reduce swelling and   I regained  mobility with another swift recovery. Acupuncture has been a simple solution for me to problems that can take a long time to resolve on their own.


PCOS Sufferer

I cannot recommend Cara highly enough! I suffer from PCOS and hadn’t had my period for two years. Doctors told me there was nothing they could do without medication. Two weeks after my first appointment with Cara and they were back and I was feeling healthier again. A total revelation! I had heard good reports about acupuncture but nothing prepared me for this result. I have also found it to be excellent at relieving stress and insomnia. Cara puts you at ease immediately. She is totally professional and clearly very talented. I feel brighter and more relaxed after every appointment.