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There is much to be said about the recent scientific research that the gut is the second brain. If a person or situation does not sit right with me, the strong sensation in my gut will demand action, even if my mind tries to rationalize.

The ‘gut instinct’ is much more than something spouted by life coaches. As this article explains ‘trusting your gut is trusting the collection of all your subconcious experience’. So the gut can be quite the catalogue of internal data depending on your age and exposure.


The Chinese have known this for centuries. The Earth element consisting of the stomach and spleen, transports and transforms food, emotions, thoughts, and energy.

An overwhelmed mind weakens your stomach and this has a knock on effect to the whole system. There are aptly named points to take the edge off a churning mind St 9 ‘Head Tied‘ and Bl 49 ‘Thought Dwelling’. Sadly there isn’t really a point that is called ‘Flatten Stomach for Upcoming Date‘. Shame.

This article from Lenny Letter The Digestive Mind  explains in a witty and easy to swallow (see what I did there?) style on how a constant stream of information and stimulus weakens the spleen and stomach qi. Taking a break may seem impossible when you are in the midst of something but small breaks provide the body with time to process.

An easy action plan is to take social media breaks as often as possible, try not to read or watch TV at meal times (this also includes not eating lunch at your desk answering emails or falling down an ‘inter stalk’ rabbit hole) and install the free f.lux app  on your devices. It reduces the blue light which stimulates the brain. This is especially useful in the wind down to sleep.

Be kind to your gut, it’s the gatekeeper to your entire system.