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Cara Beckinsale Acupuncture


Five Element Acupuncture

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I practice the ‘Five Element’ (5E) style of acupuncture, the most ancient form developed in China around 2000 years ago. It is an alternate branch of acupuncture to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)  which developed in the 1950’s under Mao.

Five Element differs from TCM through diagnosis and needling technique. The most major difference is that 5E acupuncturists are trained to identify blocks between certain meridians or a block between the mind and body. Five Element uses the law of nature to treat the individual . We identify where the system is weakest using points specific to treat the causative factor. Once we strengthen the distressed ‘element’ theoretically it stops stealing energy from the rest of the system and returns  it to a more efficient function.  (Read more here.)

TCM works by diagnosing patterns that have accumulated in the body that are causing symptoms. Common types are heat, cold and damp.

I have just returned ( Jan 2020) from a sponsored study program of TCM from Heilongjiang University in China.

Clearing Major Blocks

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The major blocks between meridians are outlined below. They are referred to as  ‘Exit/Entry’ blocks. A block means the energy isn’t flowing between organs and can have an effect on the system. For example one of these blocks is between the  large intestine and stomach: causing various symptoms, from a head cold or sinus, to nausea or IBS. We diagnose these not by symptoms but by taking the pulses and feeling where the energy is stuck. (Read more here).

The other category of blocks are between the mind and body and these can be a transformative aid to recovery.

Interested in Treatment?

scales diagramAcupuncture never ceases to amaze me by what it can address. Here is a list available on the site under What’s the research?

I have experienced specific success with anxiety/depression, headaches, insomnia, digestive disorders and women’s health including fertility. I love treating sports medicine cases and providing marathon support.

I look at the holistic picture, beyond just Chinese medicine, including research and resources (link to ‘Need Help With’) and rooting out the cause of  imbalance.

My availability is at Renaissance Yoga and Wellbeing, Brockley  every second Monday 200pm to 700pm and Wellbeck Health , Marylebone every second Monday. I am in Hove at The Float Spa on a  flexible basis.

I am happy to have a chat with you prior to booking to discuss your case on 07909761477 or acupuncture@carabeckinsale.com


Insomnia and Anxiety

I started seeing Cara after a friend recommended I try a session, I was at my lowest point and had almost given up on finding something that would help me. I was having strong and physical symptoms of anxiety, I had lost my appetite, stopped sleeping and was getting regular panic attacks. This was the first time I had experienced such extreme anxiety and I was really scared. During the first few sessions Cara was able to make me feel at ease and give me a glimpse of hope, she was the only person at the time who felt confident that she could help me. After a few sessions I noticed aspects of myself started to come back, it felt like I was slowly being put back together again. I felt calmer in my body and started to gain my appetite again and since then I've gone from strength to strength. Cara has a warm and empathetic approach (and of course, amazing acupuncture skills!) I always look forward to our sessions and feel very grateful that I met her.

CM, 32

Digestive Issues

Cara was highly recommended to me when I was having trouble with my digestive system. I was feeling really crap and low and didn't really have an explanation that was clear to me why my digestion had just "shut down". We hit it off in our first meeting; I felt understood and looked after. Cara managed to get to the bottom of my issues which included an investigation into my bloodwork which gave me some really important information, that if left untreated could have left me on life long medication. Cara's treatment combined with advice from her recommended nutritionist (Jo Woodhurst) and medical diagnosis managed to reverse the effects and get my digestive track in harmony. This led to many more positive physical responses in my mind and body. I am so grateful to have started my acupuncture journey with Cara and feel more confident in understanding my body, it's responses and physical symptoms.

Jenny 34

Back Pain

I initially started seeing Cara for back pain. However her holistic approach was invaluable to me in unlocking a lot of stress and anxiety I was carrying. I definitely noticed improvements in both after each session I had. She is brilliant and knowledgeable in what she does and I highly recommend her.

Dr J.K

Long Covid

In April 2020 I caught Covid and by September I was still suffering with debilitating fatigue, daily migraines, constant joint and muscle pain and my mental health was at an all time low as `I felt hopeless, feeling this was how `I was going to feel forever. I was constantly told by my GP that there was nothing they could do to help as they didn’t know enough about Covid and Long Covid. I was lucky enough to be recommended to see Cara for acupuncture, I contacted Cara and asked if she could help me and she was the first person to say YESS!!!! She listened and understood what was going wrong in my body. She was able to start healing. I am now able to be me again, my children have their Mum back and I will forever be grateful for Cara’s expertise and kindness.

Ruth, 43


I started seeing Cara to treat a long term issue with fatigue . From my first treatment I felt something shift, physically but also emotionally and it be would be remiss not to say I glimpsed my true self that day, the one not beset by fatigue who I hadn’t seen for over a decade. It was through her that I was finally able to pin point the problem- something which countless practitioners before her had failed to do.

Phoebe 32

PMT and Period Pain

After the best part of 20 years of taking painkillers for every period, accepting vicious mood swings and a decade of being on the pill to manage cramp pain, it wasn't until Cara discussed this with me that I questioned it being my normal. Within in 3 cycles there was an obvious difference, pain was now bearable, I wasn't wiped out completely for the first 48hours of my period and I no longer needed more than the odd paracetamol to help on a particularly bad day. I've been given a week a month back!


Dealing With Grief

Acupuncture with Cara allowed me to process some ongoing grief I had losing my father. I wasn't fully aware I was still grieving, so coming to see Cara with what I thought was physical problems and then releasing emotional ones was a very surprising and special outcome. Her careful listening during sessions, piecing together how emotional work was needed to ease long-held tension and stress levels underpinned a big move forward for me. I genuinely felt a sense of my heart and body coming back into alignment, rather than parts of me being locked away and in doing so a lot of other things improved defintely a better sense of self.


CPTSD and Depression

After several years of struggling to cope with CPTSD and depression, Cara was recommended to me. Her holistic attitude to mental and physical health, combined with her unique understanding of the stresses of modern life positioned her as the perfect person to help and expolore and heal the longstanding effects of trauma on my body. Put simply 5 Element acupuncture through Cara has been a game changer in how I approach and cope with mood disorders. I am eternally grateful to her.

CB, 29


I love acupuncture with Cara, she is so in tune and worked on a number of health issues some which are very complicated both mind and body. I always leave feeling calmer and able to breathe with ease, my body reacts positively each time. I can definitely see a huge improvement in myself after these last 6 months. Cara has a lovely disposition plus she always makes me laugh.


Brain Fog and Low Mood

When I met Cara I had been suffering for years from persistent brain fog - accompanied by headaches, social anxiety and bouts of low mood. I tried all sorts of things without much success. I had two brain scans, multiple blood tests, tried chiropractic, physio and die.I was rather skeptical that I would see any improvement with acupuncture. But I couldn't have been more wrong. Within one treatment, I started to feel materially better. Over the next few weeks, with several more treatments, my brain fog and other symptoms gradually disappeared. I now see her only when I need a top up. Not only is Cara an exceptional acupuncturist, but she also made me feel totally at ease. My experience has been truly life changing.


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